Movies $4 Less at the LaBelle Theatre Movie Theater

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Labelle Theatre

Movies $4 Less at the LaBelle Theatre Movie Theater isn't a restaurant, no. BUT, I went with my friend Sara recently, and we got some snacks that I wanted to share.

Labelle TheatreThis historic theater has recently taken on a new life as a discount movie theater. Movies that have just left the theater are played here at a steep discount - just $4 a ticket - and the concessions are all $3. Those snacks include unlimited popcorn, unlimited fountain drinks, candy, pepperoni rolls and pizza.

Labelle TheatreI went with a combo of drink, popcorn, and candy for $8. Plus my ticket at $4 - so this was a $12 visit! Sara went with some pepperoni rolls, too. I was under the impression these were regular pepperoni rolls from Gino's next door, but they're a bit more special.

Labelle TheatreThey're made specifically for the theater and come in a set of four pinwheels. So, they have a nice crisp to them. Have you been yet?

Labelle Theatre

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