Milton Edition: Shaffer's Drive-In

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Shaffers Drive In

Shaffer's Drive-In is one drive-in in West Virginia that flew under my radar. Located in Milton, Shaffer's offers curb-side service where you simply pull up, park and have a carhop come take your order. You can get a tray to perch on your window, or you can get it to go.

Shaffers Drive In
I had looked over the menu online, so I was prepped with my order: One hotdog with chili, slaw, mustard and onions. One small bowl of chicken & dumpling soup. One large lemonade. After just a few minutes, they brought my order out along with a machine to take my credit card (yes!) - which I could tip right there. Easy peasy.

Shaffers Drive InNow let's talk about that hot dog - it had my favorite kind of slaw. Very finely chopped so you get this almost paste. That's the perfect consistency to meld with the chili and onion and create a cohesive flavor. And the bun! Warm and steamed and fantastic. That soup = definitely homemade and full of dumplings. So tasty!

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