Friday, July 14, 2017

Morgantown Edition: Home Grown Pizza

Homegrown PizzaOne thing there's never a shortage of in a college town: pizza.

Homegrown PizzaBut, a new pizza place located just on the outskirts of town promises to bring a new "home grown" angle.

Homegrown Pizza
It's in our Catchphrase:
Everything we do is from the heart. We pride ourselves on offering a menu full of made from scratch, delicious items: from our hand-cut chips that accompany every sandwich, to the original recipe pizza sauce, made in small batches with hand-crushed pear tomatoes. Locally-sourced, fresh, quality ingredients – everything we do is "HomeGrown".

Homegrown Pizza

Home Grown Pizza, located along Earl L Core Road, has a large gravel parking area and a red paneled exterior. Watch your step going in.

Homegrown Pizza
It's a bit rustic - small - but friendly. It's pretty basic, but high ceilings and wood paneling give it a cool vibe.

Homegrown PizzaWe ordered a pizza with half mushrooms, half pepperoni. We also got a "double" pepperoni roll - which is just two pepperoni rolls.

Homegrown PizzaPepperoni rolls weren't bad - a little heavy on the breading, but filling.

Homegrown PizzaThe pizza was decent. I like mine a little crisper on the bottom, so a hotter oven would help that. Decent flavors, though!

Homegrown PizzaWe also got brownies for dessert - and I love that they have dessert readily available. They also have cannolis or hummingbird cakes.

Homegrown PizzaOverall, not a bad addition to this side of town. There are so many other options that are a little closer to me, but if you're looking to try out something new, not a bad option.


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