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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

The Crumpet ShopI've never in my life been to a shop that specializes in crumpets. That all changed in Seattle.

The Crumpet ShopThe Crumpet Shop has been making fresh crumpets every day for 40 years.
Welcome to The Crumpet Shop. We've been making crumpets fresh everyday for thirty-six years straight. For the past year our crumpets have been ORGANIC. Wahoo! Everyday we make fresh crumpets on our cozy kitchen and bring them up front to toast and top with delicious sweet, savory, or egg toppings. I love starting my day with an egg, peppers, cheese, tomato, add some Van De Rose ham if you like and that's a great breakfast crumpet. As far as sweet toppings on crumpets, we serve local preserves from Sidhu Farms. We make homemade organic lemon curd and homemade chocolate hazelnut spread which pair up amazingly with our ricotta cheese. My favorite savory crumpets are the pesto, English cheese, tomato and wild smoke salmon cream cheese, with cucumber slices. These two are my staple lunch crumpets. We serve all of our crumpet toppings all day long, so sleep in and come in for breakfast or luncho. Besides crumpets we also make homemade organic scones that have no relation to the dry crumbly scone. The scone served with preserves or homemade lemon curd is crazy! We serve one gluten-free item and that is our organic groats that are unprocessed oat that we cook like oatmeal and serve with steamed milk, honey or brown sugar, and currants. I haven't forgot that you probably associate tea with crumpets so expect our tea selection to suffice your needs. We offer fresh 2015 loose leaf teas, both black and green. We also have an unlimited refill tea- bar that is a favorite for many regulars. Don't worry coffee drinkers we're proud to serve an excellent organic fair trade coffee and espresso provided by Café Appassionato. Café Appassionato has done a great job at providing us with a product that we're proud to serve in a town known for it's high standard of coffee and espresso. We make our own Chai in house as well. It's usually cooking in back so be prepared to come in a smell the aroma of our Chai's spices. So, the hardest part of experiencing The Crumpet Shop is deciding between all of the delicious options. As my mom tells people, "Everything's good. Really!" Or as Prince of Ballard say's "Follow your heart." Both of these are good advice. If your feeling like something sweet try the crumpet with Maple Butter, cream cheese and walnuts or the raspberry preserves with cream cheese (AKA "The Princess"). If your in lunch mode try the pesto, tomato, parmesan or the ham, cheese, tomato. I'm proud to work with my family and our great employees at keeping The Crumpet Shop tradition "Alive and Well." What makes our shop special are the people in our local community as well as people all over the world that have made The Crumpet Shop part of their life whether it was last week or fourty years ago.
Crumpets are "thick, flat, savory cakes wit ha soft, porous texture, made form a yeast mixture cooked on a griddle and eaten toasted and buttered." They are amazing - a little more dense and more moist than a biscuit or English muffin.

The Crumpet ShopThis shop sells breakfast versions - topped with eggs, cream cheese, or ham. Then, there are other savory ones that use tomato, ricotta, pesto, salmon and more. Then, there are sweet ones made with honey, preserves, butter, walnuts and more.

The Crumpet Shop
So, I ordered one with butter, ricotta, and preserves. It was a little busy and cramped in here, but once I got this delicious little crumpet in my hand, nothing else mattered.It was just absolutely perfect - warm and flavorful. Other muffins or bagels or biscuits can get dry, but this was something new. And, something I haven't stopped thinking. I can't wait to get my hands on another!

Grade: A
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