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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Top Pot DoughnutsEvery big city has a solid donut shop. For Seattle, this is where Top Pot comes into play.

Begun in February 2002 out of a small brick storefront on north Capitol Hill in Seattle, Top Pot paired a vintage aesthetic with a gourmet spin on the traditional coffee and doughnuts pairing.

Years earlier, two of our co-founders spied a vintage rustic (and rusty) neon sign gleaming above a boarded-up Chinese restaurant called "Topspot". They bought the sign, and then left it idle in a backyard for four years, further rusting and creating a home for raccoons. Then, when the sign was finally driven off to be restored, the center "S" fell off, leaving the words "Top Pot" behind. 
The sign became Top Pot’s symbol of blending the old with the new. Our founders sought to create a doughnut shop that moved away from the fluorescent-lit fast food aesthetic. Instead, they created an oasis, where patrons could slow down and savor the nostalgia and taste of a secret 1920s doughnut recipe in a gorgeous vintage environment. 
Today, Top Pot Doughnuts can proudly claim a rabid fan base and extraordinary growth. Our hand-forged doughnuts can be found in cafes throughout western Washington and Dallas Texas. 
We feel so fortunate to have enjoyed such success with a business model that is this much fun. And we remain committed to the simple ideals that brought us this far—quality, inclusiveness, and integrity in every single thing we do.
Top Pot DoughnutsTop Pot serves up "hand-forged doughnuts and coffee." This shop offers up more than 40 types of donuts - like old fashioned, cake, feather boa, sprinkles, bars, filled and apple fritters.

Top Pot Doughnuts

We stopped in here on a rainy day, in desperate need of coffee and donuts.

Top Pot DoughnutsTheir specialty coffee was "Ovaltine," so I said a quick yes. That was hot, delicious and just a touch sweet.

Top Pot DoughnutsAnd for the donuts, I got a raspberry glazed old-fashioned donut, which was super sweet and delicious.

Top Pot DoughnutsThe salted caramel also very good - sweet, thick and sticks to your ribs.

Top Pot DoughnutsMaybe it was because it was a dreary day, but this really hit the spot. The space inside was cute, the coffee was unique and those donuts were very tasty.

Grade: A
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