Charleston Edition: Rio de Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

By Candace Nelson - 7:00 PM

Rio de BrazilWest Virginia has its first Brazilian steakhouse, and carnivores everywhere are rejoicing.

Rio de BrazilRio de Grill Brazilian Steakhouse, located in Kanawha City, will bring you as much meat as you want. Literally.

Rio de BrazilIf you're unfamiliar with a Brazilian steakhouse, the concept is pretty easy. You have some signal on your table - here, it was a little wooden fixture that was green on one end and red on the other. In the kitchen, they have a ton of spits/skewers with all kinds of meat. If your little fixture is turned to "go," they will stop by to cut you off a piece of whatever meat they're bringing. They will keep coming by every time they have a new offering until you switch your signal to "stop."

Rio de BrazilSo, if you like to eat - this might be a little taste of heaven for you. Either way, it's definitely a more fun, interactive dinner.

Rio de BrazilThe restaurant is pretty dimly lit, with the salad bar as the giant focal point with some colorful lights adorning it.

Rio de BrazilFirst, they have a salad bar with veggies; appetizers like bruschetta and pasta salad; and some hot food items like breaded shrimp.

Rio de BrazilAfter getting some items off that buffet, my friend Jacque and I started the meat marathon. We turned our little fixture to "go" and soon were bombarded with pork spare ribs, pork loin, Italian sausage, lamb, chicken, tilapia, and even pineapple and garlic bread.

Rio de BrazilNot only is it fun, but it was pretty tasty! I especially liked the garlic bread - oddly enough. But the sausage and pork loin was great, too.

Rio de BrazilHave you been? What's your favorite?

Rio de Brazil

Rio de Brazil

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