Short Story Brewing

By Candace Nelson - 7:00 PM

Short Story BrewingRivesville is becoming one cool little town.

Short Story BrewingLodged between Morgantown and Fairmont off the beaten track, this town has a record shop, a tasty restaurant and now - West Virginia's newest brewery.

Short Story BrewingShort Story Brewing was founded by a brother, sister, and the sister's husband: Aaron, Abby and Mike. The trio wanted to create great beer in their community, and the brewery has a literature theme which pleases me. 

Short Story BrewingFrom the whole history of civilization to a single moment of inspiration to every story in between...
Short Story Brewing is about three people (Mike, Abby, and Aaron) returning to their hometown with one goal in mind: to brew the beer that we love in a community that we love and then share it with you.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.
Short Story BrewingIt's a nice little scenic drive to get here, there's tons of parking and the building - it's just beautiful. It's sleek, a little hipster and cozy all at once.

Short Story BrewingTheir beers currently (as per Brilliant Stream):

Their Forward IPA is a Midwest-style IPA that is competitive with other better West Virginia labels and will satisfy anyone looking for a modern American IPA with nice floral hop aroma and moderate malt flavor, but without a lot of bitterness. (6.6% ABV)
My Friends Call Me Red Amber Ale is drier than many American ambers, but with good toasted malt flavors. (5.3% ABV)
Broad Shoulders Dry Stout is a well-made standard Irish-style dry stout with notes of chocolate and dark roasted malt. (5.5% ABV)
Ready, Steady, Go! Pale Ale is dry-hopped with Citra hops, giving it a more intense citrusy fruit flavor and aroma. It’s a bit cloudy and lightly bitter. (6.2% ABV)
Working Title is a Imperial IPA with plenty of richness and hop flavor. (7.1% ABV)
Short Story BrewingWe got a flight so we could sample them all, and I loved Working Title so much that I ended up taking a growler home with me. Aaron was also kind enough to show us the beautiful brewing system. 

Short Story BrewingIf you haven't been here, make plans to immediately. The place is gorgeous, the beer is absolutely delicious, and there's a really cool vibe here where I can see them being a strong force in the revitalization of this community.

Short Story BrewingStop by, have a drink (or two), snack on some popcorn and enjoy the card catalog flights :)

Short Story Brewing

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