Charleston Edition: Red Fire Asian BBQ & Japanese Steak House

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillRed Fire Asian BBQ & Japanese Steak House brings to mind one word: "extra."

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillFrom the inflatable dragons outside, to the automatic "welcome" voice when you open the door to the flashing colors, Red Fire Asian BBQ is a little taste of Vegas right in Charleston, West Virginia.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillUnder the same direction of Su-Tei, Red Fire Asian BBQ has a swanky vibe and a similar menu.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillService was prompt and friendly, and I was seated in my own little rounded booth with a full people-watching view.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillThe menu has some interesting rolls with everything you could think of - certainly not traditional, but fun nonetheless.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillOne in particular that caught my eye was a roll that was on fire - that's right. Literally on fire.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillIt's called "Moon Fire," and it has shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, topped with three pieces of shrimp, sriracha sauce, eel sauce, mayonnaise sauce, "served with fire." So, obviously I needed to see what this was about.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillThe roll came wrapped in foil, with a mini fire underneath. The waitress simply swirled the foiled roll to put out the flames.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillAnd voila, there was my roll. I unwrapped it, and the first thing I noticed was the mass of sauce on top of this roll. Not complaining - it's tasty - but it's a new sort of fusion I've not seen before.

Red Hot Asian Fire GrillThe roll was decent - a little warm, as you might expect. But lots of creamy, sweet and sour sauces that aren't traditional. Tasty, though? Yes.

Red Hot Asian Fire Grill

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