Seattle, WA Edition: Pike Place Market

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Pike Place MarketThe very first place we ventured to once we touched down in Seattle was Pike Place Market. I'm not joking when I say this market is probably the most incredible one I've ever seen. It has everything from local vendors to prepared foods to art to local musicians to the best possible people-watching.

Pike Place MarketWe ended up eating our way through a lot of places along this strip, and I'll get into those in more detail, but I just wanted to show off the beautiful sights from this place.

Pike Place MarketPike Place Market is also home to the famous fish throwers.

Pike Place MarketThere were beautiful (cheap!) bouquets of flowers ALL OVER. Kristen actually took one on the last day - through security and everything. They were gorgeous.

Pike Place MarketUnderneath the market, in an alley, there is this ode to chewed gum. Really.

Pike Place MarketAnyway, this place is huge and sprawling and I think we went back every day and still didn't see everything.

Pike Place MarketIt just keeps wrapping downward and downward to these niche little shops, and then sprawls out to the streets near it. So many things to do and see.

Pike Place MarketWe went down to check out the giant ferris wheel too.

Pike Place MarketAnd, there are so many samples along this area. Anyone who is selling spices or veggies or fruit has something for you to taste.

Pike Place MarketIt's such a cool place, and you could spend an entire day just exploring this one place.

Pike Place Market

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