Harpers Ferry Edition: A Step In Time

By Candace Nelson - 7:00 PM

A Step in TimeIt's always really exciting to see pepperoni rolls at restaurants and bakeries, and I'm especially loving seeing them pop up all over West Virginia.

A Step in TimeHarpers Ferry bakery A Step In Time competed in Charleston's Rolls on the River, which is the first time I tried one of their famous Mama Jo's Pepperoni Rolls.

A Step in TimeNot only did I fall in love with their pepperoni roll, but I was super excited to see them bringing this tradition to the Eastern Panhandle, where pepperoni rolls are few and far between.

A Step in TimeIt was there that I also learned this bakery would be supplying pepperoni rolls for an upcoming book signing in the Eastern Panhandle, so when I was in town for that event, I decided to stop by the bakery itself so I could check it out.

A Step in Time

Nestled in a quaint Victorian "doll house" on the main street in town, A Step in Time looks, feels, and smells just like Grandma's House. Our Vintage Room has seating for up to 12 people, if you would like to eat in, but all of our items are packaged for grab-and-go. Opened February of 2017, our goal is to create the feeling of stepping back in time with our vintage decor, enjoying the simple comforts of good bread, sweets
and fresh soups.
A Step in Time

Think about walking into your grandma's house - that's what it's like to walk into A Step in Time. Cute little mismatched tables and chairs dot the entryway, and the bakery case in the back is filled with all kinds of goodies.

A Step in TimeEven though I knew I would be sampling pepperoni rolls later in the evening, I had to order one to take with me. They wrap them in foil, so they're a bit soft, with a nice hunk of sliced pepperoni, cheese and a nice topping of cheese. Very tasty, very homey.

A Step in TimeAnd, I couldn't leave without something sweet, so I nabbed one of these strawberry & cream cookies, too. I love the creativity here, and sooo tasty!

A Step in TimeThese folks are putting out some really, really good bakery items. If you find yourself in Harpers Ferry, be sure to give them a visit!

A Step in Time

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