West Virginia's Craziest Milkshakes

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Tailpipes milkshakesCrazy milkshakes are a pretty ~trendy~ craze right now, where the delicious treat is topped with all sorts of OTHER treats, making it gargantuan sight. 

Tailpipes milkshakesThis trend is evident in larger cities, like New York City, London’s Molly Bakes (where they’re known as “freakshakes”) and Australia’s Pâtissez in Canberra.

Tailpipes milkshakesBut, West Virginia is not to be left behind. Enter Tailpipes.

Tailpipes milkshakes

The burger/shake shop has begun constructing some pretty intense milkshakes. They have specials, but you can also have them "do up" any of the shakes that are on their menu. They have maple bacon, s'mores, cookies & cream, and more.

The one at the top is my photo of my milkshake - the peanut butter cup - all crazy-like. All of the photos, except the top one, are from Tailpipes.

Poky Dot

So, I have to also mention the Poky Dot's crazy milkshakes. All of their desserts are over-the-top, but they have just a couple milkshakes that are pretty crazy. This is my s'mores one that I got. They also have cookie, donut, and candy versions.

From Reality with Mallory

Are there any others in the state that serve up crazy milkshakes? Let me know in the comments!

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