Abingdon, VA Edition: Zazzy'z Coffee House and Roastery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Zazzys & Balkan Bakery

Zazzy'z is the coffee shop connected to The Balkan Bakery in my last post.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryHoused in a beautiful home, this coffee shop has a few cozy rooms full of books, art and snacks.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryI made my way back to the cafe area to look over the menu.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryThere were fresh-made muffins, quiche, cookies and more.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryLooking over the case, I immediately knew what I wanted: crab quiche.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryHave you ever had crab quiche? There was a literal entire layer of real crab. Just so delicious.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryAnd a caramel frappuccino because there's nothing better than a caramel coffee milkshake.

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryHave you ever been?

Zazzys & Balkan BakeryZazzy'Z Coffee House and Roastery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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