Charleston Edition: The Hale House

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Hale HouseCharleston is home to a new bourbon bar and eatery downtown: The Hale House.

Hale House

Located in the former Celsius (and Vandalia Grill) location on Hale Street, the Hale House newly opened, and I went with my friends Sara and Jeff to try some offerings during the soft open.

Hale House

The space is not entirely different from what I recall - dimly lit, a long narrow space and dark woods.

Hale HouseThe bar is backlit, with amber bottles of bourbon glowing on the wall. If you’re a long-time reader, you’re likely familiar with the fact that I completed the Bourbon Trail a few years ago and developed an appreciation for it. So I was excited to see some great bourbon options: Blanton’s, Eagle Rare, Knob Creek, Pappy Van Winkle and more.

Hale HouseSo I ordered an Old Fashioned with Blanton’s on the sweeter side. It was made perfectly - just some sweetness to make it perfect for sipping. With a smooth, smooth bourbon.

Hale HouseThe soft opening food menu had appetizers, salads, and soup. We ordered a few things to try.

Hale HouseFirst, we were served some complimentary fresh sliced bread and olive oil. I expect this at an Italian restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised here. And the bread was great.

Hale HouseFor my meal, I ordered “bourbon & bacon-wrapped shrimp.” I feel like a bourbon glazed appetizer is perfect for a bourbon bar. Think crisp bacon, fresh shrimp, and a sweet and sour sauce. Definitely a nice little taste.

Then, I also tried the “angel hair crab cakes,” which is very similar to Oliverio’s angel hair crab balls. So, a nice moist hunk of crab and seasoning encased in fried pasta. It was served with a creole honey mustard sauce.

These were really nice. I love the texture variation, and the flavor was on point. I wouldn’t hate a slightly more delicate sauce. But delicious nonetheless.

Have you been yet? I look forward to seeing the full menu!

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